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Genetic SNP Report

Each GX Sciences Nutrigenomic Test analyzes up to 55 genes hand selected by our experts and provides nutritional recommendations and health information based on scientific validation of a patient's specific needs in these key areas:

Methylation | Neurotransmitter Processing | Mitochondrial Function | Detoxification | Inflammatory Potential | Health Precautions

Each nutrigenomic report will provide you with the following:

  • Evaluation of 26 or 55 genes for SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms)
  • Clinical definitions by our experts on what each SNP means to you and your health
  • Recommended nutrients and nutritional oversight on how to overcome your genetic weaknesses (SNPs)
  • Nutritional product recommendations created by our experts for these particular genetic SNPs

  • Scientific references on each SNP from top medical journals and research abstracts

Deciding Which Panel Is Right For Your Patient...26 or 55 SNP Analysis Nutrigenomic Report

Two specific options are available for the GX Sciences genetic testing: 1) a basic 26 SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) test or 2) a more complete 55 SNP analysis. Each of these tests are designed for specific treatment needs for patients.

The 26 SNP test:

o For patients who are overall healthy and desiring nutritional guidance

o For patients with no significant family history of disease

o For designing an overall health plan, fitness regimen or anti-ageing program

o For children with healthy family histories

o For basic problems with intestinal health and allergies

The 55 SNP test:

o For complex health problems of the immune, neurological and cardiovascular system

o For refractory patients who are not responding to traditional treatment regimens

o For patients with a family history of significant disease states

o For severe problems with gut health, inflammation or pain syndromes

o For patients with chronic fatigue, weakness, cognitive issues and anxiety/depression

o For children with vaccine risk assessment, autism, learning disabilities and inattentiveness

o The additional "Health Precautions" category

oAdvanced algorithms for nutritional and lab recommendations

Each report provides recommended nutrition based on the patient's SNPs and offering scientific validation of each patient’s specific needs in 6 key metabolic areas:

  • Methylation
  • Neurotransmitter
  • Mitochondria
  • Detoxification
  • Inflammatory Potential
  • Health Precautions

There are no changes in the way you order complimentary kits or pay for a patient specimen. All kits will include requisition forms for the 26 and 55 gene panel for your patient to fill out.

"The purpose and goal of the GX Sciences panel is to evaluate and nutritionally treat the functional deficits that are present in an individual. Many may find it frustrating and conflicting when researching the SNPs in isolation. My recommendation for all providers is to look at the polymorphisms and biochemistry as a “whole” and not by isolated SNPs and correlation studies. We must educate ourselves with this knowledge to be helpful to our patients." - Kendal Stewart, MD