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Diet & Wellness Panel: DNA Testing for Your Healthy Weight

Weight loss is complex; Each body may need a different approach to achieve weight loss since no two bodies are exactly alike. While a nutritious diet and regular exercise routine are enough for some to stay healthy and trim, it may not be enough for others. Others may have underlying health issues that make it difficult or nearly impossible to lose weight. GX Sciences aims to help people better understand their own body through their genes and find a customized path to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Genetic Testing for Smart and Healthy Weight Loss

Fast weight loss is not necessarily smart or healthy weight loss. While weight loss drugs and other fast weight loss solutions may bring quick results, they rarely last and may cause dangerous side effects. Health and developing a healthy lifestyle should be at the core of any weight loss goals. Slower weight loss is more likely to leave you with your earned results longer and help introduce sustainable healthy habits. But how can slow weight loss occur if our bodies are dealing with other underlying issues?

What Do Genes Have to do with Weight Loss?

Carrying fat does not necessarily imply unhealthy habits. Diet and exercise is only 2/5ths of weight loss. Genetics is the other 3/5ths. Our genes inform our biochemical processes that determine how generous a body is at burning energy / fat. Some genes associated with fat deposition, known as “thrifty genes”, keep weight loss from being attainable.

Possible Health Roadblocks Behind Weight Loss

Inflammation, mitochondria, and methylation are three key areas of our DNA test for weight loss that make up the genetic aspects of the weight loss equation. Low inflammation in the body is ideal for weight loss. Inflammation can be caused by allergies or other environmental factors. Since inflammation is a reaction from the immune system, the body interprets inflammation as the body being in crisis. In some, this may trigger fat to be stored in preparation for prolonged crisis. The body also seeing exercising as stress on the systems. Exercising while struggling with inflammation may even cause one to gain more weight. Mitochondria, the “powerhouse” of the cell, provides the body with energy from food. A greater number of mitochondria within cells can help develop a raised metabolism, aiding the burning of more calories and fat. If mitochondria isn’t properly receiving food or isn’t programmed properly, it’s difficult for one’s metabolism to operate at 100%. The body also needs to be methylating properly because methylation feeds mitochondria so that one can burn calories. These elements are further complicated by age, hormones, and more.

GX Sciences’ DNA Testing for Weight Loss

Weight loss is ultimately a pathway to better overall health, a longer life. Diet and exercise are cornerstones to weight loss but genetics may make tackling those aspects more difficult. Confronting genetic shortcoming can help optimize your weight loss journey and place less stress on your body during the process. Start your smart weight loss today with our weight loss panel by finding a provider in your area or ordering online.

“When you’re healthier, the body will feel like it doesn’t need to retain as much weight because it’s not in as much crisis.” - Dr. Kendal Stewart