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Getting Started - Practitioners:

To view the "Practitioner Only" areas of this website or order test kits please
register to become a GX Sciences Provider (GXSP). Once registered please allow up to 3 business days for our customer service team to contact you.

You will recieve an email when your account registration is received. That email will request a copy of your medical license and our completed account credential form.

Once you have registered p
lease allow up to 3 business days for our account approval team to contact you via email.

Practitioners - How To Perform A Nutrigenomic Test:

Step 1: Call or log into your GX Sciences account and order our nutrigenomic test kits free of charge. This kit includes a custom designed box, swab, patient requisition form, specimen envelope and patient brochure.

Step 2: Swab the patientís inside cheek with the swab provided and ship the specimen and patient requisition form in the pre-paid Fed X envelopes provided. You may give the patient the kit box and patient brochure to take home.

Step 3: Receive an email that your patientís nutrigenomic test report is available.

Step 4: Log in to our Provider Lab Portal at Lab Results Portal to view the report and print a copy of the report.

Step 5: Schedule an appointment with your patient to review their results.

For questions or more information please email or Call 844.258.5564
Office hours are Monday thru Friday, 9am to 5pm (CST).