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Genetic Testing for Autoimmune Issues & Disorders

The immune system is intended to protect the body from disease. It defends by attacking cells it understands to be harming the body. Unfortunately for an estimated 50 million affected Americans, the immune system can interpret healthy cells as harmful and begin to attack them. This can cause abnormal organ growth or even destroy healthy organ tissue. With 80 different types of autoimmune diseases, many struggle to get a diagnosis. Since there are no cures for autoimmune disorders, those that do get diagnosed grapple with finding ways to reduce symptoms and avoid triggers. With genetic testing for autoimmune disorders, GX Sciences is able to alert those vulnerable to autoimmune disorders, nutritionally aid in specific immune issues, and recommend what diet and/or supplement may help reduce symptoms through genetic insights.

Listen to excerpts from Dr. Stewart's lecture at the 2016 World Congress of Anti-Aging Conference, A4M in Hollywood, Florida.

Listen to our expert, Kendal Stewart, MD, explain why this panel would be selected for a patient, how to interpret the report and apply the appropriate treatment protocols.

Alert Those with Genetic Predisposition for Autoimmune Disorders

Scientists have found that genetics play a key role in autoimmune disorders. While these diseases can be passed down from parent to child, it does not necessarily mean that the child of a parent suffering from an autoimmune disorder will also have it. So how do you find out if you do?

Genetic Testing for Aided Autoimmune Disorder Prevention

Our genetic testing for autoimmune disorders examine your genes for SNPs and see if they are associated with certain autoimmune disorders. While your report may show a SNP associated with autoimmune disorders, it does not mean you also have the disorder. It can just indicate an immune issue that can become an autoimmune disorder. The genetic testing for autoimmune disorders alters those to their predisposition but also assist nutritionally through diet and supplementation recommendations.

Living with Autoimmune Disorders - How Diet & Supplementation Can Help

While there are no cures for autoimmune disorders, it’s believed that a healthy lifestyle and the right supplements can help. The analysis section of our 55 gene DNA test for autoimmune disorders includes a list of health precautions, foods and supplements to avoid, and a diet and supplements plan that can help reduce symptoms and avoid triggers.

Living with an autoimmune disorder is difficult, but finding a higher quality of life is possible. To learn more about this panel CLICK HERE. Find a provider in your area today to learn more: