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The Nutrigenomic Test Kit

What type of sample is needed?

A simple cheek swab sample is all that is needed. Cutting edge swabs are provided per kit so the lab has sufficient DNA in only 1 swab.

Is shipping the sample included in the cost of the kit?
Yes. All US provider testing kits will include a pre-paid shipping box for the test requisition form and swab specimen. There is no additional fee for this service.
NOTE: International practitioners please contact customer service at to see if the test can be administered within your country.

How long do results take to reach your practitioner?

7-10 business days in most cases. Once the lab receives the patient's swab specimen the lab analysis will begin. As a validated Genomix Nutition Provider (GNP), you will receive an email that your patient's report is ready to view/print and you may schedule a genetic assessment appointment with your patient to review their results.

Can this test be purchased by consumers online?

No. This test may only be provided through a validated GX Sciences Provider (GNP). This is to assure that the practitioner has all the necessary tools and education to explain the nutrigenomic results correctly and provide the patient the best protocol.

How To Perform A Nutrigenomic Test:

Step 1: Call or log into your GX Sciences account and order our nutrigenomic test kits free of charge. This kit includes a custom designed box, swab, patient requisition form, specimen envelope and patient brochure.

Step 2: Swab the patient’s inside cheek with the swab provided and ship the specimen and patient requisition form in the pre-paid blue box provided. You may give the patient the kit box and patient brochure to take home.

Step 3: Receive an email that your patient’s nutrigenomic test report is available for review.

Step 4: Log in to our Practitioner Portal at view the report and print a copy of the results.

Step 5: Schedule an appointment with your patient to review their results.

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Personal Statement From Our Expert
"Nutrigenomic testing has forever changed the landscape of nutritional supplementation and functional medicine. By genetically identifying the enzymatic and functional protein weaknesses present in any individual, we, as professionals, can accurately identify the exact nutritional needs of that patient. Nutrigenomics, because of its scientific method, allows better functional outcomes for patients without the risk and financial burden of “over supplementing”. Genetic testing has also allowed us to develop complete and targeted supplementation formulas. This profound tool will become standard for most practitioners who recognize the power of proper nutrition in health and wellness. I am personally thrilled to be part of this exciting advancement in medicine."
Kendal Stewart, MD / Chief Science Officer

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