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GX Sciences' offers Nutrigenomic test panels that analyzes up to 120 genes hand selected by our experts through their clinical expertise.

Each panel report provides the following:

  • Nutritional recommendations to overcome the genetic weaknesses identified in your DNA
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Lab work recommendations that your provider should consider to give you more insight

Contact your GX Sciences' health provider to decide what panel might be right for you.

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foundation panel inflammatory panel psych panel

chronic pain panel developmental panel 55 snp panel

Each nutrigenomic report will also include:

  • Clinical definitions by our experts on what each SNP means to you and your health.
  • Recommended nutritients and nutritional oversight on how to overcome your genetic weaknesses (SNPs) that may affect your health.
  • Nutritional product and nutrient recommendations created by our experts for these particular genetic weaknesses (SNPs).
  • Scientific references on each SNP from top medical journals and research abstracts.

Deciding Which Panels Are Right For You

13 test panels are available for the GX Sciences' genetic testing. Depending on your health issues or needs, your provider may order only one panel or several panels to access your health needs and obtain validation via DNA analysis on why you are experiencing certain health challenges.