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Meet the GX Sciences Team

Our Chief Executive Officer - Michael Willoughby

Michael Willoughby

Michael Willoughby is a seasoned veteran in the laboratory sector. He started his career as a Laboratory Tech and Histologist in Nacogdoches Texas where he double majored in Nursing and Medical Technology at Stephen F. Austin. Before and during college Michael served in the armed forces as an Army Combat Medic.

After college Michael moved to Houston in 1991. There he established a small placement firm of Histologists throughout the Texas Medical Center (TMC). While building relationships in the TMC, Michael formed a solid foundation of healthcare knowledge through partnerships with the likes of MD Anderson, The DeBakey Heart Center, Baylor College of Medicine, and both Methodist and Memorial Healthcare systems.

In 1994 Michael was approached by the senior leadership team of Clinical Pathology Laboratories to help scale the company beyond the Austin borders. To make a long story short, he spent the first 10 years building business units throughout the Southwest and the second ten years as CPL’s Senior Vice President overseeing Operations and Commercial Services from the corporate offices in Austin Texas. During that time, he was successful in creating high throughput service units, created a very successful sales division, presented multiple acquisition opportunities, and lead a key role in fostering the culture of what was set by the founders of the company. CPL was ultimately purchased by Sonic Healthcare and is still one of the great success stories in the laboratory sector today.

Although many thanks were given to the folks at CPL… now Sonic Healthcare, Michael chose to leave the company in 2014 to explore global opportunities beyond the Southwest area of the country. Over the past 36 months, Michael has consulted for several laboratory companies such as Cardio Vascular Biomarker Labs, Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing Labs, and private labs looking to reorganize or develop a commercial sales force. Not to mention Co Founding a new patient access service called Iggbo (an Uber like blood drawing service). All along he knew his next stop would be with a company that was innovative, service related, and had the opportunity to make a difference in people’s health.

Our Director of Genetic Services - Mary Beth Sykes

Mary Beth Sykes is the Director of Genetic Services for GX Sciences where she manages daily operations of the clinical laboratory, such as overseeing quality standards and regulatory compliance. She began her career in the area of molecular genetics in 2014 after graduating from the University of Texas at MD Anderson School of Health Professions.

Her previous experience includes managing a molecular genetics laboratory which focused on commonly inherited autosomal recessive disease and molecular-based infectious disease testing. At GX Sciences, Mary Beth helps implement rigorous quality control standards, develop procedures and policies, validate new assays and instruments, and assist in the design of a custom Laboratory Information System.

Our Corporate Clinical Educator - Piper Gibson

Piper Gibson is a Doctor of Advanced Holistic Nutrition and is a Board-Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine specializing in children's neurodevelopmental disorders. Additionally, she serves as the Director of Advanced Holistic Nutrition and Nutrigenomics Rockwell School of Holistic Medicine, where she is an assistant instructor. She is an expert in Nutrigenomics and is eager to step into the role of Corporate Educator for GX Sciences.

Nine years ago, Piper's son was diagnosed with a neurological tic, and after trying many approaches, nothing seemed to be working. By chance, she found Dr. Kendall Stewart, one of GX Sciences founders, who was instrumental in using Nutrigenomics to ease her sons' symptoms. Since then, he has been symptom-free and healthier than ever. Over the last three years, Piper has incorporated GX testing into her practice, and it has become her passion for educating others on the powerful life-changing impact of Nutrigenomics. Piper works one-on-one with practitioners to interpret genetic reports and explain ways on how to best implement the testing GX Sciences offers. Her credentials and experience are a perfect fit to bring an extensive education platform to our practitioners. She is excited to work with GX Sciences and its providers to support them in their approach to enhancing patient outcomes.

Our Laboratory Operations Manager - Rachel Ober

Our Special Chemistry Technologist - Lisa Wilson

Lisa Wilson is the Special Chemistry technician developing complex LC/MS-MS methods and microsampling extractions. She has worked in the Analytical Chemistry field for 16 years. Her previous experience includes working as a Forensic Scientist at the DPS Crime Lab and as a Toxicology Specialist at Alere and Sonic Reference Laboratory. She enjoys being on the cutting edge of research and development at GX Sciences by developing the technology that assists patients in a non invasive way. She provides results by analyzing a few drops of blood from a simple finger prick.

Our Marketing Specialist - Matt Marinsek

Matt Marinsek brings several years of diverse marketing experience to GX Sciences, from award-winning agencies and freelancing to in-house roles spanning many industries. He graduated from New Mexico State University in 2015 with a Bachelor's in Business Administration with a focus of Marketing and Advertising. As an undergraduate he served as a member of the Alpha Tau Omega National Leadership Development Organization - NMSU Chapter, and among several roles served as President, Vice President, Recruitment, and more. In the 5 years after he graduated from NMSU he served as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the organization, where his chapter and board won top awards for leadership and advising excellence. Matt's marketing specialties include email marketing, digital/print advertising, website strategy, and more. Stay tuned as he rolls out exciting news and updates on everything GX Sciences is offering.

Our Clinical Lab Technician - Taylor Young

Our Laboratory Assistant - Taylor Musselman