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"The very first patient and my first GXS developmental panel, was one of the most difficult patients I have - she is definitely on the autism spectrum. She came in for her 3 week follow up today. She told me a joke. She told me she felt good and thanked me. She told me she never wants to go back to the way she felt and was looking forward to starting 4th grade.

Her grandma said she was in her room, by herself, laughing while playing on her tablet last week. Grandma had never heard her laugh. I have never seen her in this office when she wasn't pacing in circles or hiding under the exam table. I agreed with her grandma that her progress after starting your protocols was 10/10.

I have never been so excited about anything in my entire life. Thank you, and Dr. Stewart, from the bottom of my heart. I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn more and help these kids. They have gone from doctor to doctor and have been given label after label without any real help. They are medicated until they have no personalities. They take a med to function in school, a med to go to sleep, a med to make them have bowel movements....just a vicious circle of craziness.

Thanks so much for all your help. I will continue to study hard and learn more - this is crazy good :) Thank you so very much."

-Dr. M. S.

"Genomix Sciences is Innovating technologies and services that are defining the quality of personalized medicine. GX Sciences operates from industry leading principles that ensure patients receive the most accurate, functional, and value rich knowledge and services."

-Dustin F.

"GX-Science is a great genetic lab/Supplement company that connects you to the right supplements/vitamins and the right diet needed based on your personal genetic results. Furthermore offers you treatment if your genetic weaknesses already manifest a disease process given your current symptoms and other traditional lab results showing a disease process. Anyone interested in a private consultation, I am a certified provider and can consult with you to advise which of the 13 available panels best meets your personal medical needs or if no medical history then the "Male/Female Wellness panels" are available. Feel free to view their informative website and listen to Dr. Stewart's podcast or consult with me and I can perform any of the 13 Genetic panels currently available.."

-Angie Y.

"I did learn about it, and I now do it and it is awesome and extremely helpful to my patients!" "Everyone should be learning about this!"

-Steve S.
"Thank you for the great information!"

-Diane S.D.