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What is Micro Sampling?

The value of reduced blood sample sizes is becoming apparent in human testing. Dried Blood Spot (DBS) sampling has already proven to be a viable alternative for many applications in blood analysis, but Micro Sampling using VAMS technology offers even more advantages. GX Sciences is proud to announce that we will be the 2nd lab in the U.S. to offer this type of testing to provide an easy and quick turnaround process to our providers.

Benefits of Micro Sampling:

  • Allows for home or clinic sampling so the patient does not have to visit a draw station to give blood
  • Does not require refrigeration and special handling during shipment
  • Is less painful, stressful and the patient can provide the sample in their own home if needed
  • Can be performed on those for whom maintaining blood volume/measurements is critical
  • Provider may drop ship a kit to a patient so they have the results prior to the patient consultation

Micro sampling is still new, but those who understand it have a serious competitive advantage when offering this type of testing to their patients.

Panels We Will Offer:

Blood Testing (finger prick) via Micro Sampling Release Dates:
  • Vitamin D - to be released on 6/1/19
  • Hormone Panel - TBA
  • A1c - TBA

Urinalysis Testing via Micro Sampling Release Date:
  • Neurotransmitters - 6/17/19

Watch this short video on how to collect blood and apply to the Mitra cartridge for Micro Sampling analysis. It's easy!