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      Taking the diabetes test at home or your provider's office is simple.

      What the pack includes:

      A silver package that contains the oral buccal swab in a tube to take the mouth sample.

      A requisition form which you must fill in with your personal data and sign which we will treat confidentially.

      Labels to identify each element (swab tube, requisition form with your name, date and date of birth)

      A pre-paid envelope to send us the sample.

      How to do the test

      1. Get ready for the test

      Keep your mouth clean for an hour beforehand and avoid eating, smoking, drinking, brushing your teeth or chewing gum. Cleanse your lips if you are wearing lipstick.

      Gently massage your cheeks for 30 seconds so that they shed epithelial cells.

      2. Take your DNA sample

      Place the swab into your mouth and rub it 1 minute up and down against one cheek then 1 minute on the inside of the other cheek.

      Put the swab carefully into its tube. Label the outside of the swab with your NAME, DATE of BIRTH, collection date and then close it well.

      3. Fill in your details

      Fill out the requisition form

      Sign the consent for the analysis of the sample on the requisition form

      4. Identify your sample

      Place a label with a barcode (personal code card) on the outside of the tube and in the reserved space on the form and the consent.

      Keep the card with your code as it is unique to you.

      5. We receive your sample

      Place the sample into the tube and the personal requisition form into the pre-paid envelope and send it via any US postal box. Please send within 35 days to ensure the stability of the DNA.