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Microsampling Benefits

  • Blood tests at home are becoming more and more popular over time, catering to patients who do not want to be in hospitals or take the time to travel to doctors offices or labs for necessary blood tests.

  • Your medical provider can order your lab kit and have it shipped directly to a patient's home with a pre-paid protected envelope send your sample to our lab for analysis. Your provider will receive your results within 3-5 business days once the sample is received.

  • This way of blood tests have become costly, inconvenient, painful, and an unnecessary way for patients to receive the results they are looking for.

Diagnostic blood testing usually requires venipuncture because capillary blood collection presents a range of
obstacles to sample quality. In order to collect capillary samples with high enough quality to produce diagnostic results, GX Sciences new collection technology is designed with:

  • Controls to reduce sample contamination
  • Controls to reduce clotting during extraction
  • Controls to reduce damage to red blood cells