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Why do I need a nutrigenomic test?

A GX Sciences DNA test can help a patient achieve a level of confidence in the nutritional products they choose by:

Determining their unique nutritional needs based upon their DNA analysis

Providing the patient with the recommended nutritional supplement/s and nutrients needed for each specific genetic polymorphism (SNP)

Taking the “guesswork” out of complex biochemical pathways that may hinder nutritional delivery

Suggesting compressed formula options for better compliance and cost effectiveness

Genetic variants are more common than we realize:

More than 75% of all patients have significant genetic polymorphisms (SNPs) in the most important nutritional metabolism pathways.

Millions of patients expend their valuable income on nutritional supplements without knowledge or scientific proof of nutritional need or benefit.

Without genetic validation of enzyme function, many supplements are not effectively delivered at the cellular level, therefore, the patient may be wasting time and money with nutritional ingredients that have little to no benefit.


The Nutrigenomic Test Kit

What type of sample is needed?

A simple cheek swab sample is all that is needed. A custom designed cheek swab is provided per kit so the lab has sufficient DNA.

How long do results take to reach your practitioner?

7-10 business days in most cases. Your practitioner will receive an email when your results and report is ready.

Can this test be purchased by consumers online?

No. This test may only be provided through a GX Sciences Approved Practitioner. This is to assure that the practitioner has all the necessary training and education to interpret the nutrigenomic results correctly and provide the patient with the best protocol. CLICK HERE to find a practitioner in your area that offers this test.

Will my insurance cover this test?
Attempts at reimbursement for this test through your insurance company lies solely on the patient. No codes have been issued for Nutrigenomic Testing at this time.