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Estimated date of release for our Detoxification Panel is Fall 2018.

If you would like for us to email you when it is available for order please email or Call 844.258.5564

Seven key genes have been chosen by our experts to be analyzed for SNPs in the area of Detoxification.

Additional Polymorphism Information:

AHCY (aka homocysteine aldolase) is the enzyme responsible for converting S-adenosyl homocysteine to homocysteine. Its’ cofactor is NAD+. The result of this mutation is a low homocysteine and therefore low down pathway substrates including Cystathione, NAC, and ultimately glutathione. This causes the methionine recirculation pathway to be insufficient and that SAMe or L-Methionine would be helpful in most situations.

With an AHCY homozygous polymorphism, It is recommend adding SAMe (L-methionine), mitochondria support to increase the production of NAD+ (Mitocell PQQ by Neurobiologix) and consider utilizing glutathione in a topical, oral or IV fashion.