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Just Announced 2nd Genetic Symposium In 2018!
Join Us November 2nd and 3rd in Dallas, Texas

Dr. Stewart Advanced Nutrigenomic Symposium in 5 Key Areas

IAACN International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists

Please join Keynote Speaker Dr. Kendal Stewart at the 2018 IAACN Scientific Symposium.
October 11-13th, 2018

3 Hour CME Lecture Course:

"Interpretation, Application & Treatment of Clinically
Relevant Nutrigenomic Polymorphisms of
Infectious Diseases"

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Autism Education Summit
Join us for the 5th annual Autism Education Summit in
Dallas, Texas, September 28 - 30, 2018, held at the
Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center
Dr. Kendal Stewart will be lecturing and part of an expert panel during this event
Lecture Title: New Nutrigenomic Findings in Autism That Will Forever Change Recovery Potential

Autism Education Summit

Overview: Nutrigenomics is the newest form of genetic medicine that is focused on an individualís unique genetic makeup and itsí effect on nutritional status for health and recovery. Nutrigenomics studies genetic variations and the subsequent intra-cellular effect on a nutrientís absorption, metabolism, processing, elimination and/or biological effect. Over the past 3 years, a significant picture has emerged indicating that there is most definitely a genetic pre-disposition present in children who develop autism and itsí associated neurological syndromes. Although not causative, this genetic predisposition has positively affected our understanding of development of autism and has greatly strengthened our approach to the recovery of affected children.

This lecture will cover the genetic findings, biochemistry, scientific foundation and associated treatments that have been developed from these exciting new findings. Additionally, we will present a highly successful methodology of recovery that was developed as a direct result of the nutrigenomic findings.

Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association

Dr. Stewart's 2016 Genetic Workshop Now Available For Streaming!

Professional Genetic Workshop: Testing and Simplifying Genetic Interpretation and Treatment with Kendal Stewart, MD from Neurobiologix on Vimeo.

For Those Who Missed This Amazing 2 Day Workshop,

A 5 Segement Video Series Is Now Available For Streaming At One Low Price


Neurobiologix Roundtable Workshop:

Methylation, Mutations, and Beyond


2015:Medical Video Series: Methylation, Mutations and Beyond the MTHFR

Workshop Host, Kendal Stewart, M.D., Neurotologist / Neuro-Immune & Methylation Specialist