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Functional Genetic Testing for Health & Wellness

Nutrigenomics is often described as the future of medicine and nutrition. With GX Sciences, you donít have to wait: GX Sciences is bringing this cutting-edge science to doctors and patients around the globe in our time. With a simple DNA test, a patient can learn about their genetic mutations, how it may be affecting their health, and how nutrition increases or reduces the susceptibility to certain diseases, illnesses, or side effects. As genes define our bodies, we use them as tools to learn more about each patientís unique circumstances and how nutrition can help.

DNA Testing for Health Problems

When a patient visits their healthcare provider, they usually share their symptoms to help their provider determine the underlying issue. Unfortunately, not every set of symptoms clearly correlates with an easily diagnosable problem.

What does a doctor usually do at this point?
Orders tests.

We recommend that every doctor utilize functional genetic testing when struggling to diagnose a patient. This allows for a better understanding of whatís occurring on a genetic level.

Functional Genetic Testing

Genetic health testing examines a patientís genes, looking at gene health and for SNPs. When providing genetic testing for health problems, itís not uncommon to come across mutations, but certain mutations are linked to an increase in the likelihood of developing certain diseases. By identifying the issues in genetic health, doctors can move forward with treatments that work.

GX Sciences is Here to Help

When our experts noticed patients struggling to find out the cause of their symptoms, they knew that functional genetic testing could help discover answers. GX Sciencesí personalized approach to health and nutrition through genetic health testing helps providers and patients gain insight into diseases, helping them diagnose and prevent recurring issues. Rather than simply seeing the obvious consequences of genetic mutations, our genetic testing lets healthcare providers and researchers further their understanding of underlying concerns.