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Dr. Stewart explains how the GI panel is helpful for patients with food intolerances and bowel problems.

It has become increasingly clear over the past few years that gastrointestinal function and environment can have a tremendous impact on your overall health. The Gastrointestinal System is complex and has a number of previously unknown roles in the stability of brain function and immune stabilization. As with all of our panels at GX Sciences, this panel is designed to provide a scientifically validated system to indicate the need of a specific supplement or medication based on an individual’s genetic profile.

The GX Sciences Gastrointestinal Panel consists of 12 gene variants (SNPs) that have been chosen by our medical experts which play a significant role in the:

o Breakdown of Histamines found in food sources

o Individual need for Probiotics

o Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Risk

o Autophagy function in Immune Clearance of Intestinal Pathogens

Utilizing our proprietary SNP Genius software, the Gastrointestinal Panel will take an individual patient’s DNA genetic findings and interpret them through the GX Sciences Precision Supplementation algorithm to determine the exact therapeutic need of the patient.

The Gastrointestinal Panel is indicated for patients with:


Ř Chronic Constipation

Ř Chronic Diarrhea

Ř Intermittent Intestinal Pain

Ř Mast Cell Disorder

Ř Chronic Reflux

Ř Recurrent Intestinal Infections

Ř Chronic Urticaria

Ř Numerous Food Allergies

Listen to Dr. Stewart explain how the gut and brain are tied together and affect each other's function.