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DNA Fitness Panel: Genetic Testing for the Complete Athlete

GX Sciencesí DNA testing for athletic ability is unlike most others. Our sports panel is not about athletic enhancement. It will not determine whether you have the potential to be a world class athlete or highlight your athletic strengths. Itís a genetic analysis that shares how oneís unique genes impact inflammation, mitochondria, and methylation (key areas for weight loss and / or physical recovery) and nutritional recommendations to help overcome any discovered shortcomings. GX Sciences believes that in improving inflammation, mitochondria, and methylation processes can lead to overall better health, enabling better recovery potential, likely leading to better athletic performance.

Genetic Fitness Testing Focuses on Recovery

Whether itís from long-term wear and tear or an unforeseen incident, every athlete experiences an injury. The nature of some sports create environments where athletes are more vulnerable to injuries and / or more prone to specific types of injuries. Training and exercising alone is stress on the body. Recovery is crucial in not only getting back to oneís sport after an injury but maximizing the benefits of exercising. Recovery, the process of regaining health by maximizing the bodyís repair, is multifaceted. It involves the nervous system, structural system, chemicals, hormones, and mental state. These elements repair in different ways and at different rates. Mental health, muscular recovery, chemical and hormonal balance can improve with rest - sleeping for 7 to 10 hours in ideal sleeping conditions. Tendons, ligaments, and bones recovery at a slower rate than muscles because they do not receive direct blood flow, making these structural system aspects more susceptible to overtraining stress and injury. Proper stretching, hydration, and nutrition can also aid recovery. Our genetic testing for fitness shares personalized nutrition recommendations and precautions to help optimize health while avoiding foods that can increase inflammation and physical stress on the body.

Improved Athletic Performance Through Optimized Health & Recovery

While our DNA fitness testing does not directly improve athletic performance, oneís athletic performance can improve through optimizing health and physical recovery. In aiding health, one can also experience a higher quality of life and a longer life expectancy. Some athletic endeavors require building great amounts of muscle mass. The same pathways required for muscle growth can also accelerate aging. Keeping balance between rest, repair, and growth are crucial to gaining muscle while maintaining healthy aging. Injuries can also accelerate aging. Gaining a better understanding of your personal inflammation, mitochondria, and methylation processes through our fitness genetic testing can help find that balance on a chemical level.

Personalized Recommendations and Precautions for Healthy Athletes

Since every personís genetic makeup is unique, so are their biochemical processes. These processes enable athletes to cope with the stress their sport puts on their body. In some cases, if these processes are not working properly, it can accelerate aging. With so many unique factors, your health protocols should be as well. In prioritizing your bodyís healing, you are proactively aiding recovery and helping avoid injuries, feeling burnt out, or worse. Find a provider in your area today.