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Microsampling: New Blood Analysis Testing

What is Microsampling?

The value of reduced blood sample sizes is becoming apparent in human testing. Dried Blood Spot (DBS) sampling has already proven to be a viable alternative for many applications in blood analysis, but Microsampling using VAMS technology offers even more advantages. GX Sciences is proud to announce that we will be the 2nd lab in the U.S. to offer this type of testing to provide an easy and quick turnaround process to our providers.

View an example of our Vitamin D Historical Microsampling Report:

Benefits of Microsampling:

Personal statement from Dr. Stewart

In order to bring diagnostic blood testing to providers’ offices or a patient’s home, GX Sciences Mitra Microsampling device offers new collection technology which is designed to:
  • Collect capillary blood from the fingertip instead of blood from a vein in the arm
  • Captures & analyzes minute samples of blood for analysis and is performed by a simple finger prick, allowing a blood droplet to be absorbed to the Mitra collection device.
  • Samples are held in a plastic protective cases and can be mailed to our lab without the need of refrigeration or special handling.
  • Allow the patient or provider to collect the blood sample quickly at their office or from the comfort of a patient’s home.
  • Blood microsampling allows participants to provide their own blood sample via finger prick and mail to our lab for analysis and offer much of the world's population that lives in remote areas the ability to provide their blood sample results to a medical provider anywhere in the world.
  • Enhance the telemedicine providers care by offering patients who prefer online or phone consults the ability to have bloodwork ordered and a microsampling kit delivered to the patient's home to submit a sample to our lab and the results to their provider.

Microsampling is still new, but those who
understand it have a serious competitive advantage when offering this type of testing to their patients for in office or self sampling.

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