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For our Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) / Post Concussion Panel 30 gene variants were chosen by our experts.

The GX Sciences Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) / Concussion Panel consists of 30 gene variants (SNPs) that have been chosen by our medical experts which play a significant role in the patient’s ability to maximize their recovery potential following a head injury.

Utilizing our proprietary SNP Genius software, the TBI/Concussion Panel will take an individual patient’s DNA genetic findings and interpret them through the GX Sciences Precision Supplementation algorithm to determine:

1. Cellular Inflammation potential(ability to resolve inflammation of the brain and sensory organs)

2. Autophagy Consideration(ability for damaged nerves to clear intracellular debris and transport glucose)

3. Glutathione Production and Efficacyfor control of Neurological inflammation

4. Neurotransmitter breakdown and processing

5. Folic Acid Methylation(converting folic acid to it’s functional form)

The report algorithms will provide the practitioner with:

Ř Indicated nutritional weaknesses and Precision Supplements made for the specific polymorphism

Ř Lifestyle Recommendations and Health Precautions

Ř Appropriate Laboratory Recommendations

Ř Visual aids of biochemical pathways for patient education

Ř Peer reviewed Bibliography to support findings

The TBI / Concussion Panel is indicated for patients with:

Ř Traumatic Brain Injury
Ř Post-Concussion Syndrome
Ř Non-resolving Post Concussion Symptoms (ie Headache, visual changes, hyperacusis, etc.)
Ř Athletes in Sports with High Risk of Concussions
Ř Patients with history of multiple Concussions
Ř Concussion Prevention and Base-line Testing